Dear Neighbor,

Much has changed in the last several months and we as
a state and nation face many new challenges. It's time
our district had the representation it deserves.
A legislator who serves constituents, listens to their
concerns and makes positive decisions that benefit all
Minnesotans. I am that candidate and will bring a fresh
new outlook to our legislature.

As your Representative, I will dedicate myself to
making Minnesota a state that is economically sound,
prosperous, safe, and a wholesome place to raise our
children. I need your support on Tuesday, November 5th!
Thank You!


Sue Sperling
Candidate for MN House of Representatives, 34B


"In working with Sue I have been so impressed with her sophistication. I think she's a natural. I have been impressed with her thoroughness and perseverance."

- Senator Jane Ranum
Chair, Crime Prevention Committee