About Sue

I am fiscally conservative and socially responsive. I feel our tax dollars must be spent wisely through fiscal discipline in the state budget while maintaining the values and priorities of Minnesotans.

I have a solid foundation to represent the people of district 34B in the House of Representatives. I am a member of the Carver County Disability Advisory Committee, an appointee to two Attorney General Task Forces, Health Care and Privacy, to deliberate and formulate policies for submission to the legislature, a graduate of Partners in Policymaking, and a sponsor of child protection legislation in the 2001 legislative session.

In the 2001 legislative session I worked in a bipartisan effort to successfully amend the Maltreatment of Minors Act, ensuring more safeguards are in place for child abuse victims. I strongly believe that forming positive bipartisan relations is the cornerstone to effective legislative policy making. And I will take these fundamental ideals and values with me to the legislature, along with the principals I hold in my professional life dealing in customer relations.

As the mother of three children, I have devoted myself to quality education through direct involvement and positive relations with school staff, and as a school volunteer in various classroom and extended activities. I understand the importance of investing in education to guarantee our children have every opportunity to be successful in the future.

Minnesota's future also depends on sound economic investments, giving priority to improving our transit system, protecting our environment, having access to quality affordable health care, and maintaining the safety of our communities.