I am so very proud of my family and would like to introduce them to you.
Over eleven-years-ago in our search for a place to raise our family, we decided to make Chanhassen our home. We chose this community because of its school system, safe neighborhoods, and wide-open spaces. These very qualities that drew us to Chanhassen have kept us entrenched in this community we call home. We are also members of St. Hubert's Catholic Church.
I am a single parent of two wonderful sons, Michael and Aaron. Michael is nine-years-old and in the third grade at Chanhassen Elementary School. He has a wonderful imagination and loves to play with dinosaurs and action figures. My youngest son is Aaron, he’s five-years-old and is a kindergartener. He’s my creative child who’s always making paper airplanes, stringing beads, and draws wonderful pictures that adorn the front of our refrigerator.
I value the time we have together as a family and enjoy many activities with the boys. I take pleasure in reading books to them, going to the park, or to the latest Disney movie. In the summer we enjoy fishing, boating, playing on the beach, and playing ball in the back yard. And in the winter a good snowball fight gets us all laughing! If you ask the boys they would say going to the ice cream shop is their favorite any time of the year. I feel the importance is not in the actual activity we do but that we do it together.
There’s another member of our family that I would like to introduce. Brandy is Michael’s PCA (Personal Care Attendant). We do not consider her an employee; she is like a daughter to me and a sister to the boys. We are all grateful she found her way into our lives and cherish every moment we spend together.